Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Monday 21 August - Two Locations; One Day

Today's challenge was shooting at two locations. The morning location was the very important "tumble-down garage" scene where the Porsche is introduced. That was the one location that I really wanted to see and didn't have a chance to do so.

I don't think I have mentioned the art department's treatment of the Porsche. The Porsche is a rental from a classic car rental company. It is a gorgeous car. With permission from the rental company the art department has systematically dismantled, covered with dust and dirt, removed bits of trim, and otherwise uglified the Porsche to make it look as bad as possible. That is no mean task given how nice it really looks.

The Porsche's treatment is very different than the treatment for Sri's car, which, on the day before we started shooting, the art department was out with things like hammers and spray paint doing their thing.

The second location was mostly a make up location for some interior shots that we did not get earlier. All-in-all the day was pretty good having met the goal of 5 2/8 pages for the day. Some of the scenes could have used more time, but, as has been mentioned earlier, the realities of a low-budget movie are that you cannot do all the shots/scenes that you would like.

Another piece of good news is that the caterers that have been with the shoot from the beginning are still there.

The shoot is at the point were some of the actors are finished and some of the crew are moving on to other opportunities. So the inevitable goodbye's are starting. Today was Claire's (playing Auntie Ivy) last day. Along with the goodbye's there are also new folks coming on to fill in vacancies. Jim of course took over from me (RHD movie trivia... Jim was the stunt driver in the Thomas' car.) I mentioned earlier that Na had come in to take over as the 1st Camera Assistant (Focus Puller). There is also an new 'spark' to help out with the lights, Svetlana from Russia. She seems to be fitting in well and I am sure that the lighting crew welcome any additional help they can get.

A moment to relax on the set: Val (playing Sri), Liz (makeup), and Ed (playing Evan)

Here is the burndown chart for today. As is expected the two days off has put a serious crimp in the schedule and the ability to finish by Saturday.

Additional complications to a Saturday finish date is the fact that this coming weekend in the UK is a three-day weekend (Monday holiday) and I have heard that there is an expectation that everyone will have three days off. Exactly how all that play out is up in the air. I will keep you posted.


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