Saturday, August 19, 2006

Thursday 17 August – On the set

Today was a tough day in the Village (and on the set in general). It was the first day that we had any serious rain. (Probably nature’s empathetic response to my own sadness at having left.) There were not many good alternatives for sheltered locations in which to set up video village so they (ah! the pang of not being able to say ‘we’) made due the best they could with some makeshift shelters. Unfortunately the wind was strong as well and was wreaking havoc with the shelter that was put up.

Today’s crisis was that Liz was in a car accident today and went to the hospital. She was not hurt but was pretty shaken up. She is expected to be back at work tomorrow making everyone looking as good as they can with her makeup magic.

5 3/8 pages today in four scenes. Here is the burn-down chart.


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