Friday, August 18, 2006

Monday 14 August – Hit or Miss Pub, Location number 4

We moved to The Hit or Miss Pub today, our 4th location. We are only at this location for one day. As it seems with most days it was very challenging. Today the challenges were working within the confined space of the pub (we only had a small section we could use) and we shot an outdoor night scene on the exterior of the pub. In terms of cinematography I thought today was the best day yet. Many of the shots we did were very good. Many of the performances were very funny.

Another good thing about today was that we met our goal of 5 2/8 pages for the day. Here is the burndown graph for today. Please note that I have adjusted some of the numbers and dates. In particular the graph now reflects the actual number of pages that we have (98 as opposed to 100) and the end date is now the 26th instead of the 30th. (When we delayed the beginning of the shoot I thought we were going to push the finish date back as well. That is not the case.) So in one fell swoop the graph went from looking pretty comfortable to not so comfortable.


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