Sunday, August 13, 2006

Saturday 8/12 - Low-Loader car shooting

New location today. Basically today was all about the on road scenes so the location requirements were to find a deserted road to allow us the ability to do all sorts of crazy stuff.
Mark's brother, Paul (who lives in Chippenham) , found an ideal stretch of closed road that was no longer used. We posted signs at each end that said "Filming in Progress" and as result the road probably saw more traffic in one day than in the previous 12 months. Phil the farmer on whose land we camped out said that we should have had signs that said “Manure Spreading in Progress”. (Please don’t take that as any commentary on the movie.) Anyway, despite the traffic we finished all the shots for the day.

It was interesting watching shots being done on a low-loader. A low-loader is a vehicle specifically made to film a car to make it look like it is on the road. The car is essentially on a very low flatbed trailer with enough room for a whole camera crew, director, et al.

There is little space on the low-loader and there are not too many options for shots. That means that many of the crew are just sitting around for much of the day not doing very much.

Here is the burndown graph through today.

Note that due to the complexity of doing the road scenes we did not get as many pages done as we have been doing.


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