Friday, August 18, 2006

A Man of My Word... Usually

Well I am going to renege on my previous promise of only continuing this blog up to 17 August. I have been asked by many people to continue through the end of the shoot. I guess that is good and bad news. Since I will be home and near an Internet connection on a more regular basis I will be able to give more up-to-the-minute reports. However, since I am no longer on the set my reports will not contain as much first-hand information. Jim has taken over my (meager) responsibilities and I will receive daily updates from him via via phone monitoring the day’s progress from afar. I hope to be able to get pictures as well, but that path is yet to be established.

Additionally I have a number of non-date related entries that I would like to publish as well... things that I did not have time to do while in England. Anyway for those who are not bored out of their mind at this point (I think my parents are likely the only ones to fit this category since it is their job to love everything their son does <smile/>) you can continue to read of the saga of the making of Right Hand Drive right here. After all, I have yet to write about Debbie.


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