Friday, August 18, 2006

Tuesday 15 August – Packwater Gospel Hall

We were on to our 5th location today, St Giles Church cum Packwater Gospel Hall. The first thing to note is that it is only a 5 minute commute for me from where I am staying. Just to give a bit of a sneak preview I will tell you the church is perfect for the scenes we are playing. Like Aunt Ivy's cottage, the church is one of the central locations where much of the action takes place.
There are both exterior and interior scenes that happen at this location.
Setting up Video Village was pretty straightforward although we had to move a number of times since the shots were going all over the place and there was not one spot that would be out of all the shots.
Challenges for today were normal ones associated with a new location (new setups, new facilities, etc) as well as the addition of the church congregation. It strikes me that the complexity of shooting a scene goes up with the number of people involved even if the extras don't have any lines. In the case today the extras had to sing a couple of hymns which I am pretty sure that the only person who knew the hymns was Mark (Director). Fortunately Ed (playing Evan) has some musical theatre experience and was able to be the choir master and lead all 15 or so of "the congregation" in what turned out to be quite good renditions of those old tunes. In some ways it might be too good!

Here is the page burn-down graph for today:


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