Saturday, August 19, 2006

Up Close and Personal - Production

Debbie is the Producer. She is talented, energetic, and positive and you will almost always find her with a smile on her face. Her job is understandably difficult, balancing the many different tensions involved in making a movie. The balance is especially acute in a low-budget (or micro-budget) film where there those tensions are exacerbated by the limited resources. Still, from my admittedly naive viewpoint, it seems like she is doing a great job; a job that one might not expect from her experience and years. She was a strong proponent of me staying on longer in England, but I think she was just being kind.

Fionn is the Production Coordinator. He is one of the most can-do guys that I have ever met. Each day presents Fionn with new challenges and he seems to magically figure our how to wade through all the various issues to find a solution. Fionn is one of the most experienced members of the team and it shows in his professionalism and competence. Out of deference to him I will not post the picture of what he does on his day off <smile/>.

Rachel is a Production Assistant. [Fortunately Ben sent me this picture since I did not have one.] Rachel was actually the first person I met from the crew when I arrived at the production office and she made me feel instantly welcome. She (along with Sian) help Fionn with the day-to-day of making a movie.

Sian is a Production Assistant. She has an effervescent personality that doesn't quit with a smile to match.

Jean is the Locations Manager. Out of all the jobs on the crew this is the one that I think I would be least predisposed to do (ok I would not do makeup or costume, but you know what I mean). Jean goes around the area, sees an attractive house or yard or building, and walks up to the door (or owner) and asks if we can bring about 30 people (strangers) and tons (literally) of equipment into their house or onto their property and film a movie! I would like to see Jean do this sometime because I can hardly believe that it is possible. Even though the job is not that glamorous he clearly has the respect of the rest of the crew and everyone seems to appreciate him. Not much seems to phase Jean, which, given what he puts up with sometimes, causes me to respect him even more.
Jean used to be an IT professional and decided that he wanted to do more than sit staring at a computer screen all day. Hmm, I'm an IT professional and I stare at a computer screen all day...

Harriet is the Assistant Locations Manager. [I don't have a picture of Harriet either, much to my dismay.] Being the assistant to the Locations Manager, as you can well image, is even an even less glamorous job. Essentially her job (along with Jean) is to clean up after the rest of the crew while we are on location. Harriet takes it all in stride with a level head and with out letting things get to her. She is one of my juggling pupils.


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