Friday, August 25, 2006

Up Close and Personal - Lighting Crew

Jon is the Gaffer, he leads the lighting team. I call Jon the Gentle Giant. He is a big guy and yet very soft-spoken. He is quick to share his knowledge about lighting, electricity, and beer. All of which he seems quite familiar.

Alex is the Best Boy (second in command on the lighting team). Again, as with so many of the crew on this shoot, he seems to be a tireless worker despite the fact that I think he (along with Matt) has the physically most difficult job on the whole set. You will see him (and Matt) hauling heavy lights, heavy stands, and heavy cables (there is one cable we are using on the set which must weigh about 80 lbs).

Matt rounds out the lighting team and has been the most helpful person on the whole crew for me. He is the one who gives me power... 240 volts, 16 amps! Of course he gets power to all sorts of places on the set and the Video Village is actually insignificant among all the other equipment.


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