Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tuesday 22 August - Another Day, Another Location

Today's shooting took place in two separate locations within a hotel. There was the conference room scene and the hotel room scene. Both scenes show Evan along the path of his downward spiral.

Today was another exercise in process optimization. It became clear fairly early on in the day that they were not going to be able to get to all the scenes / shots that Mark would have liked to have done. Once everyone agrees that they are not going to get everything, then comes the difficult decision as to what shots/scenes to cut. Today Mark decided to cut some of the establishing scenes (Evan arriving at the hotel and Evan leaving the hotel) and some different angles in some other scenes.

They were able to capture some good performances from several of the characters who only appear in one scene.

Rumor has it that Mark (the Director) gave an interview today. The mystery is who he gave the interview to. There is also a rumor that Variety will be doing a write-up on the movie. Speaking of publicity... for some reason IMDB will not list the movie even after a number of attempts. That's too bad.

In other news, today is Heidi's 15th birthday (she plays Kelsey and happens to be Mark's middle daughter).

I think Liz had a lot of fun doing Heidi's makeup.

Here is the burndown graph for today: a total of 5 6/8 pages. That one of the highest days so far. Saturday, 26 August looms large. That is the proposed last day of shooting. One of the biggest challenges will be working around the weather for the outdoor scenes yet to be done.


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