Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Up Close and Personal - Production Design

Nicola is the Production Designer. If I had to come up with one word to describe Nicola it would be 'complicated'. Her glasses prescription and mine are almost identical. She is shy of the camera and I found it very difficult to get a picture of her (second only to Fatima... I wonder if she knows how attractive she is?). She is strongly left brained and is an excellent person to have in charge of dressing sets, cars, and exteriors (as she herself will tell you <smile/>). I think her accent is very high-class (at least she tells me so). In any case, even if her accent is not high-class, she is a very high-class person.
This photo of Nicola with Jean is the best photo I have of her. I think that the comfort of Jean's arms gave her courage to have this photo taken.

Amy is the Artistic Director and works for Nicola. Amy (and Matt) have what seems to me mostly a thankless job. The one exception to that is Nicola praises them frequently.

Matt is pretty quiet so I do not know so much about him. I do know that he is a hard worker and rounds out the artistic team well. My first encounter with Matt was him applying a hammer with gusto to Sri's car.


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