Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor's Budding Fruit

Mark is back home. He is clearly exhausted after being away from home for two months. Especially with the last 26 days spent shooting the movie. Not only did Mark and the whole family make it back home safely but the entire movie on HD tape made it back as well. This is a photo of the end result of the shooting phase of the entire time spent in England. 21 HD video tapes and 2 boxes of Digital Audio Tape. In some ways it is unreal to think of all the effort of all the people distilled down to a bunch of tape. But then of course movies are all about unreality...

My understanding is that Mark has a whole CD of photos from the set that Ben (the documentarian) took. When I get those I will post some more shots from the shoot. I hope to finally include some more pictures of the main actors.