Sunday, August 27, 2006

Up Close and Personal - Sound

Paul is the sound recordist. Paul is a quiet guy, but fascinating to talk to. He is involved in many aspect of film-making. His real love is directing and talking to him about some of the shorts he has done, I expect he is very good at it. Paul was able to enrich the Video Village experience greatly by giving us a sound feed so not only could we see but we could hear as well.

Kunle is the boom operator. Between Paul and Kunle they are responsible for all the sound from the takes.
I have to confess here that Kunle made me laugh more than anyone else on the crew. You see, because Kunle operated the boom and had a microphone, between takes he was able to communicate privately to Paul by speaking surreptitiously into the microphone. Let me tell you he took full advantage of that opportunity to practice accents (his American accent is quite good), philosophy, plot lines, etc. He would even have debates with himself. With half a dozen folks standing around listening it was hilariously entertaining.
Kunle taught me the true meaning of "Live long and prosper".


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