Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tuesday 29 August - That's a Wrap!

Well, the deed is done. After 21 (working) days of shooting Mark has all the footage and takes for Right Hand Drive. The plan was to shoot a small "driving in the country" scene starting a 5pm Tuesday. That was to be followed by shooting scene 60 starting at 7pm. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and the "driving in the country" scene did not get done.

The evening was not just cool but was more like cold. Temperatures dropped to the mid 40s and there were a number of folks who did not have warm enough clothing. Of course the actors had to "act" like it was a balmy summer evening.

There were not any caterers (due to expense) so this evening was "self-catered". What that means is that Gill, Christine (Mark's wife and sister-in-law), Debbie (producer), and others made up some yummy food to feed to the hungry cast and crew.

A couple of people have noted that the going was slow and I can't help but wonder if there may have been some natural reluctance to have the shooting over and done. (Of course it could be that everyone was just plain bushed.) I mean, when this evening was finish, that is the point when everyone says goodbye and goes there own way possibly never to meet again. They finally finished at 3am (Wednesday) hugged all around and that was that.

So now it is on to the next stage of the movie... post production. I will be following the progress with lots of interest. From my observations there is some very good raw material and it will be fascinating to see how it will all edit together.

In all there were 21 days of actual shooting (x 12 hours/day = 252 hours {12 hours/day is a conservative estimate}), 129 scenes, 317 slates (or setups), over a calendar period of 26 days.

The final shoot burndown graph looks like:


Blogger Chris Sterritt said...

Tim -- I also hope you'll continue to blog about the movie. You've gone a great job bringing the whole thing alive, and made me care a lot about a group of people whom I don't know, and a project I otherwise would have missed entirely! Thanks!

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